DOCC Trivia – Due 5/13!

The Word of God Is Our Standard and Heaven Is Our Destination.

Bible Study Trivia Questions
Due May 13, 2020

Answers may be submitted to, PO Box 414 – Lexington, SC 29072, or 803.260.3070

1. Whose name does the Bible say means “the mother of all living”?

2. Who is the spiritual mother of New Testament Christian women?

3. What is one lesson God wants New Testament Christian women to learn from her?

4. Which lady is called blessed by her children and praised by her husband?

5. What was the name of Moses’ mother?

6. What did the angel of the Lord say to Samson’s mother?

7. What was the name of Samuel’s mother?

8. What did the priest accuse her of and why?

9. What did Peter’s mother in-law do after Jesus healed her of the fever?

10. How does the Bible say children should relate to their father and their mother?

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