DOCC Trivia – Due 6/10!

Answers may be submitted to; PO Box 414 – Lexington, SC 29071; or 803.260.3070 and are due one week from today.

  1. The life of the early apostles was incredibly challenging, but very fruitful, as evidenced by the two apostles who God worked through to heal the lame man who was laid at the gate of the Temple daily to ask alms of the Temple visitors.  Who were those two apostles?
  2. What was the name of the Gate where the lame man laid?
  3. What did one of the apostles say that they did not have?
  4. What did he tell the lame man to do?
  5. In Whose name did the apostle pronounce the healing? 
  6. According to the apostles who God used to bring about the lame man’s healing, who is the Prince of Life? 
  7. When Annas the high priest, and many of his kindred, asked the two apostles, who God worked through to heal the lame man, to stop teaching and preaching in Jesus’ name; what was the response given by the apostles? 
  8. What happened to the place where the apostles were when they prayed?
  9. Who filled the people that were present when the apostles prayed?
  10. What was one thing the people did or say when they were filled?


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