DOCC Bible Study & Trivia – Due 7/24

Join us as we study Dr. Tony Evans’ Book Oneness Embraced during our weekly Bible Study! (Purchase copies to follow along here:, Amazon)Book-OnenessSoft 

DOCC Trivia – Due 7/24/2020

DOCC trivia answers may be submitted to, PO Box 414 – Lexington, SC 29071, or 803.260.3070

Acts Chapters 8-9
1. What city is identified as the city where persecution against the Church began?
2. What country did the eunuch come from in Acts chapter 8?
3. What continent is the country located on?
4. What did Phillip ask the eunuch when he caught up with his chariot?
5. What response did the eunuch give to Phillip?
6. What testimony did the eunuch give to Phillip so he could be baptized?
7. What happened to Phillip after the eunuch was baptized?
8. Who met Jesus as he journeyed and came near Damascus?
9. What was one thing that Jesus said to Saul?
10. How many days was Saul without sight?

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